“Dave” – Episode #1.07

Published on September 21, 2015 by Uzo Ometu

Watch Episode #1.07 of First Dates, as Sam gets a blast from the past. In the process, she quickly learns that Dave has a certain admirer of his country music singing ass, but there’s still no escape from his constant need for financial support.



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  • Luvenia Lewis 5 years ago

    This series is great. The crew has realistic talent to give insight on dating. I hope she turns to the line telephone business for talks with men and discover things about the men and decide to write a book. Then she could become a love doctor or get a talk show but that takes the limits off of women waiting for their life to happen. Or have her truly meet two or three decent men around the same time and help her make the decisions leading to the right person. She has some marriage experience under her belt. Getting a second chance for love can be amazing. We women need to believe in amazing again…Great writing and great outcome.


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