Web Festival

Brooklyn Web Fest Official Selection of First Dates Web Series

Hello, Brooklyn…Webest, Props to Shana!

Well, with great work comes great honor. First Dates is an “Official Selection” of the Brooklyn Webfest! That means we will be a part of the realist borough’s inaugural webfest, with a chance to show our web series to an entirely new audience. More on the Brooklyn Webfest! BKWF is an annual web series festival and content creator […]

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Miami Web Fest Official Selection

“First Dates” is a Miami Web Fest Selection!

Less than a week after debuting our web series, First Dates has been selected as an “Official Selection” of the Miami Web Fest. I have to say, we were quite surprised to be chosen so quickly. We only released the first episode of First Dates on July 27th, and on August 1st we got the email that we had been […]

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