First Dates - Angela Wildflower & Mark Gauthier

Episode 1.05 Recap: “Martin”

Entering Episode #1.05, Sam is already on the verge of life-long singlehood, as her last two dates have ended in epic fashion. Before the Date  Just as Sam is about to get started with her date, she gets a call from work insisting that she get to the office. This is the third time Sam’s dating […]

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Episode 1.04 Recap: “Brian” – Deafening Morals

Going into Episode #1.04, Sam has already tried a few different things. She’s tried embracing a foot fettishing individual. She’s tried being as honest as possible on a first date. She’s tried going out with a strip club owner. And she’s tried dating less than average/her height men. In Episode #1.04, Sam tries something else […]

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Samantha in Episode 2 of First Dates

Episode 1.02 Recap: “The Doctor” – Sam Gets a Challenge

Introduction Episode 1.2, “The Doctor,” starts off with Sam and Elaine having a conversation about Sam’s newfound love for an online dating guide and its ability to lead her to a much more profound and effective dating life. But when Sam suggests that a rule in the guide asks her to avoid lying, Elaine questions whether […]

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Episode 1 Recap - First Dates

Episode 1 Recap – “Pilot”: Sam Meets New People

As the First Dates the web series unfolds, and as we release a new episode every Monday, we are going to pretend as if we’re one of those really cool shows on HBO and provide you with a plot summary so that you can follow along. To be honest though, I don’t really get the point […]

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