Web Series List: People Changing the Game

The web series is changing the game. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu can say they came to their realizations that making original content available directly on the web was one made of their own corporate decisioning skills, but truth be told, none of them was out here putting out exclusive, web-native content before the likes of […]

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YouTube Web Series That Are On* TV

Recently, the New York Times wrote a piece about how Comedy Central is transitioning into the era of over-the-top content, and one of the things they pointed out is how using web series to test out potential show ideas can be much more informative than the traditional pilot process. While that doesn’t mean they are constantly sniffing […]

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Best Black Web Series: On Dating

As original as we thought we were when we set out to produce “First Dates,” it quickly became apparent that we aren’t all that original when it came to our high-level subject matter: dating. Online dating has become quite the fad when it comes to web series. Everyone and their momma is making a web series […]

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