Black Web Series

Popular Web Series: Shows w/ over 200,000 Views

Let’s face it. The web series hasn’t exactly become ubiquitous…yet. While some may argue that the web series is dying a slow death (a point I would definitely contend), there still are plenty of very popular web series out there. Here are a few of the more popular ones (those with episodes with more than 200,000 views) […]

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YouTube Web Series That Are On* TV

Recently, the New York Times wrote a piece about how Comedy Central is transitioning into the era of over-the-top content, and one of the things they pointed out is how using web series to test out potential show ideas can be much more informative than the traditional pilot process. While that doesn’t mean they are constantly sniffing […]

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Black Web Series: The Top 10 Black Web Series on YouTube

For many filmmakers of the black persuasion, traditional Hollywood success has alluded them. The typical route to Hollywood involves raising a ton of money for a feature film, and as we all pretty much know, the average black person’s access to capital isn’t the same as that of the average white person’s. But I’ll save […]

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