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Miami Web Fest Official Selection

“First Dates” is a Miami Web Fest Selection!

Less than a week after debuting our web series, First Dates has been selected as an “Official Selection” of the Miami Web Fest. I have to say, we were quite surprised to be chosen so quickly. We only released the first episode of First Dates on July 27th, and on August 1st we got the email that we had been […]

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Best Web Series: And Their Funniest Characters

Continuing the theme of giving you the best web series that the internet has to offer, this time I thought we’d explore some of the funniest web native characters that I’ve seen. Obviously, a list of the funniest characters can never be contained to just one page on a blog, so I did have to […]

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Best Black Web Series: On Dating

As original as we thought we were when we set out to produce “First Dates,” it quickly became apparent that we aren’t all that original when it came to our high-level subject matter: dating. Online dating has become quite the fad when it comes to web series. Everyone and their momma is making a web series […]

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