First Dates in American Black Film Festival

We’re Going to Miami!

First Dates is an Official Selection of the American Black Film Festival

Well, folks…this is the cherry on top of what was a very fun first full season of First Dates. After being a part of the Miami Webfest, the Hollyweb Fest, and the first ever Brooklyn Webfest, we are proud to announce that we’ve made it into the final festival we submitted to, and we are an official selection of the 2016 American Black Film Festival!

This is a huge honor for us! As a web series that features a black lead, a primarily black cast, and a primarily black–and very diverse–crew, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of not just a web fest, but a community of filmmakers that truly appreciates content from black creators. So big props to everyone who helped make this happen! From our folks in front of the camera like our leading lady Angela Wildflower and our snarky bartender Justin Sams, to our folks behind the scenes, like Charlotte Dupre and Elliot Cuff, that make visions come to life, this doesn’t happen without them, and I hope everyone takes some semblance of pride in having the show’s first season culminate with a worthwhile selection into what I believe is going to be a very entertaining festival!

So with that said, we look to take in the experience of being a part of this great festival from June 15th to 19th, and we plan to take you all through it with us! So please follow us on Instagram at @BlackOakTV, the home of First Dates, and we’ll be sure to take you through the experience.

And of course, keep sharing episodes of First Dates, with your friends…we need all the love we can get if there’s going to be a season 2!


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