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First Dates - The Web SeriesWelcome to the “First Dates” website. If you’re actually taking the time to read this post, I’ll assume you don’t know what “First Dates” is..and what it is not.

“First Dates” is a fictional web series about the funny and awkward moments that happen to us all on first dates. “First Dates” is not a how-to guide on how to get a first date. In fact, we don’t know anything about that.

“First Dates” contains unbelievable talent like Producer/Director Talibah Newman, actress Angela Polk, and guest appearances from “Lil” Bob McCall and Eden Marryshow…just to name a few. “First Dates” does not contain this kind of talent…but there’s always season 2.

“First Dates” is out to parody both the more prominent and more obscure characters in the world. “First Dates” is not out to apologize for making fun of said people.

“First Dates” is going to launch its first episode in July of 2015, and will release a new episode every Monday thereafter. “First Dates” is not going to wait until July to entertain you, as we’ll release interviews and short clips in the weeks and months leading up to the premiere.

“First Dates” is the work of Black Oak TV, a new network aimed at telling diverse stories to a diverse audience. “First Dates” is not the work of the Blackoak Group, which won’t let us have blackoak.com.

“First Dates” is the first of several series Black Oak TV will launch over the next 12 months. “First Dates” could be the last series launched by Black Oak TV if nobody watches “First Dates” first.

“First Dates” was written by me, Uzo, who happens to be black. “First Dates” was not written by the much more famous and talented Uzo who happens to be on “Orange is the New Black.”

“First Dates,” and all of its cast and crew, would appreciate it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel. “First Dates”, and all of its cast and crew, would appreciate you even if you don’t subscribe, but we’d talk s%#! about you behind your back if you didn’t.

“First Dates” is going to be pretty funny. “First Dates” is going to be a lot funnier than this post…I promise!

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