Episode 1 Recap - First Dates

Season Finale Update!

Some of you may be wondering…”where in the heck is the season finale!”

Well, rest assure, we have you covered! The season #1 finale of First Dates will be uploaded and streaming this Wednesday, October 21st.

So what’s the reason for the delay? There is none. We just wanted to build up some suspense in the hopes that we could get our late-arriving fans caught up with the previous 9 episodes. So in the event that you are one of those late-arriving fans, here’s a guide for you, too!

  • The Pilot“: Samantha gets upsetting news from her husband, leading her into a spiral of emotional reactions and ultimately, online dating.
  • The Guide“: Sam reviews her first few dates and takes a liking to an online dating guide.
  • Doctor“: Sam’s excited about her date with a doctor, only to see he’s no Doogie.
  • Jim“: Samantha finds out that fun times can come in tiny packages.
  • Brian“: Sam learns that sometimes, it’s okay to be the one that does the listening.
  • Martin“: A flash from the past shows up and seems to be worth a 2nd chance.
  • Lance“: Sam ends up dating her sister’s old boyfriend…in front of her sister.
  • Dave“: Sam’s ex is an online dater, and maybe he and Sam are a good match.
  • Ted & Blair“: A look inside two of Sam’s dates, one of which actually goes well.
  • Chris“: Sam dates another doctor, but this time, she’s the not-so-nice one.

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