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Episode 1.03 Recap: “Jim” – Sam’s Work Life

Introduction In Episode #1.03, Samantha approaches the date in a seemingly positive state of mind. When she arrives at the bar, she is greeted by a gentleman who is almost a foot shorter than her. He introduces himself as “Jim,” and proceeds to pull Samantha in very close, stating that he’s a “hugger, not a […]

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Samantha in Episode 2 of First Dates

Episode 1.02 Recap: “The Doctor” – Sam Gets a Challenge

Introduction Episode 1.2, “The Doctor,” starts off with Sam and Elaine having a conversation about Sam’s newfound love for an online dating guide and its ability to lead her to a much more profound and effective dating life. But when Sam suggests that a rule in the guide asks her to avoid lying, Elaine questions whether […]

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Miami Web Fest Official Selection

“First Dates” is a Miami Web Fest Selection!

Less than a week after debuting our web series, First Dates has been selected as an “Official Selection” of the Miami Web Fest. I have to say, we were quite surprised to be chosen so quickly. We only released the first episode of First Dates on July 27th, and on August 1st we got the email that we had been […]

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Episode 1 Recap - First Dates

Episode 1 Recap – “Pilot”: Sam Meets New People

As the First Dates the web series unfolds, and as we release a new episode every Monday, we are going to pretend as if we’re one of those really cool shows on HBO and provide you with a plot summary so that you can follow along. To be honest though, I don’t really get the point […]

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First Dates Series Premiere

The Web Series Premiere of “First Dates!”

Well, the day has finally become. We wrapped production on First Dates on April 28th. Our first shooting day was on March 2nd. We started pre-production back in January. And we finished the script probably last October. And now, July 27th has finally arrived… The pilot episode of First Dates is not available on our site and at So […]

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Solving for the Racial Bias Innate in American Dating

I love OkCupid. Not because I’ve ever had the pleasure/misfortune of using it, but because they are so unafraid to come at you with the data on a subject that had never truly been discussed by the populous at large. Certainly, some of my favorite works of fiction have broached the topic of race and […]

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Web Series List: Online Shows Set in NYC

There’s nothing like a good web series list. Hell, that’s pretty much all we’ve given you in this blog. But that’s in part, because we believe our series is “sooooo” universal, that it has to appeal to more than just your typical web series viewer. Not to mention, we think it doesn’t take much to become […]

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Popular Web Series: Shows w/ over 200,000 Views

Let’s face it. The web series hasn’t exactly become ubiquitous…yet. While some may argue that the web series is dying a slow death (a point I would definitely contend), there still are plenty of very popular web series out there. Here are a few of the more popular ones (those with episodes with more than 200,000 views) […]

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YouTube Web Series That Are On* TV

Recently, the New York Times wrote a piece about how Comedy Central is transitioning into the era of over-the-top content, and one of the things they pointed out is how using web series to test out potential show ideas can be much more informative than the traditional pilot process. While that doesn’t mean they are constantly sniffing […]

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Best Web Series: And Their Funniest Characters

Continuing the theme of giving you the best web series that the internet has to offer, this time I thought we’d explore some of the funniest web native characters that I’ve seen. Obviously, a list of the funniest characters can never be contained to just one page on a blog, so I did have to […]

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