“First Dates” Season 2 Crowdfunding Campaign!


First Dates is a web series about the trials, tribulations and troubles of online dating. The show launched in July 2015, and received over 130k views across its 10 episodes. It went on to be featured at the Miami Webfest, Hollyweb Festival, Brooklyn Web Festival and the American Black Film Festival. Now, as part of the New Voices Crowdfunding Competition, the show is seeking funds, followers and distribution!

If we are able to meet the competition’s goals of crowdfunding $10k and getting 1,000 followers, we will receive technical help, industry coaching and additional financial support from Seed & Spark. We’ll also be eligible for an additional TV development deal. But most importantly, this will guarantee the production of a second season of First Dates, which means the opportunity for BlackOakTV to achieve its mission of producing content for a population of underrepresented minorities that’s craving to see their own stories told. So if you’re interested in contributing or following our campaign, check us out at our crowdfunding page on Seed & Spark!


The co-creators, myself (Uzo Ometu) and Talibah Newman, truly love episodic content. We’re both huge fans of great TV shows like House of Cards, Power, Real Husbands of Hollywood and Orange is the New Black, so the idea of creating characters and worlds of our own is something we love, and a passion we think you will see in our work. However, we’re simple people, who just love to laugh too. Which is why we appreciate comedy in all forms, including the web series! And we love the great web series out there that explore characters of underrepresented ethnicities, like Hello Cupid, Awkward Black Girl, That Guy and The Pursuit of Sexiness. And in that same vein, we wanted to make First Dates not just a funny dramedy about life, but one that explores diverse characters and situations, and does so on the web for an audience that can truly appreciate it.

So if you liked Season 1, we hope you trust us to do even better in Season 2. And if you haven’t seen Season 1, you should watch it, and know that Talibah has done tremendous production work on big budget films like Soul Men, has won a Director’s Guild Award for Busted on Brigham Lane, and she directed an HBO distributed short film, Sweet Honey Chile. Hopefully those bona fides let you know that Season 2 can only get better and makes you want to join us for the ride!  


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