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Episode 1.05 Recap: “Martin”

Entering Episode #1.05, Sam is already on the verge of life-long singlehood, as her last two dates have ended in epic fashion.

Before the Date 
Just as Sam is about to get started with her date, she gets a call from work insisting that she get to the office. This is the third time Sam’s dating life has gotten in the way of work, which may be exemplary of how much work interfered with her marriage and Dave. That said, after realizing who her date is, Sam let’s her boss know that she’ll be able to get to the office shortly, because she doesn’t foresee the date lasting long.

Her Date 
The reason Sam doesn’t think her date will last long is because her date is Martin–the garbage man from one of her first 3 dates. Sam asks him how on earth they ended up on another date, and apparently it has something to do with the fact that Martin’s new profile picture looks nothing like his current self.

Sam scoffs at the idea that Martin’s using a fraudulent picture and proceeds to end the date, but Martin goes on to quote one of the rules from Sam’s guide to online dating, and feeling bound by “Rule #61 – a lady should always honor her reservations,” Sam decides to have a seat at the table with Martin.

When Ricky, the waiter, comes over to take their drink orders, as per usual, he disses Sam a couple of times. Recognizing Ricky’s lack of professionalism, Martin pulls Ricky aside and threatens to get him fired if he ever disrespects Sam like that again. He then pushes Ricky away, and Sam acknowledges that none of her dates have ever stood up to Ricky like that before.

As they engage in conversation, Martin admits that Sam’s high-caliber job scared him a little bit on their last date, so he felt the need to come off a little masculine. Sam admits she wasn’t exactly feeling the fact that Martin is a garbage man, but knows that was shallow and wants to give him a second chance. In doing so, she chooses to ask him 3 questions. The questions are:

  1. Democrat or Republican? – Martin says he’s a democrat
  2. Would you help the children or the elderly? – “Marty-mar loves the kids.”
  3. What’s your favorite museum in the city? – “MoMA…but I love El Museo del Barrio.”

The latter part of Martin’s third answer saves him, as Sam would’ve been turned off by the fact that he could only name the most popular museum in New York City. But since he went off the board with El Museo del Barrio, Sam decides that this date, and Martin in particular, might be worth her time.

As the two start to talk more, Martin reveals that he’s in his last semester of college, and that he’s pursuing a small business idea that he’s been working on for some time now. Sam, taken aback by Martin’s ambition, all of a sudden is very interested in his future.

However, when Martin continues talking and acting like Martin Lawrence, Sam decides to inquire as to whether he’s imitating Martin on purpose. Insulted, Martin stands up in his seat and begins talking to the entire restaurant. He calls out Sam for her shallowness, and admits that many other people have found him to be insecure and in “Martin-character” as well. And just as Martin is about to make his final point, he falls down from his seat.

Embarrassed, Sam runs off to the bathroom. Immediately behind her is a patron from the restaurant who calls her a “cold-hearted, elitist, bitch.” Sam goes back out to the table to get the remainder of her things, when an old lady, tending to Martin, tells her not leave Martin all alone after his devastating fall.

Sam helps Martin up and tells him to cut it with the bravado. He apologizes, and Sam, somewhat enthralled by his willingness to say sorry, gives him a chance to speak. But when she inquires about his small business idea, Martin tells her that he’s planning to open a “rent-em spoons” joint, an idea proposed by Cole in an episode of Martin. Sam, dumbfounded by the idiocy of the idea walks off. Martin, enraged by yet another failed date, begins yelling and has to be removed from the establishment by security.



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