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Episode 1.04 Recap: “Brian” – Deafening Morals

Going into Episode #1.04, Sam has already tried a few different things. She’s tried embracing a foot fettishing individual. She’s tried being as honest as possible on a first date. She’s tried going out with a strip club owner. And she’s tried dating less than average/her height men. In Episode #1.04, Sam tries something else for the first time as well.

Opening Scene 

We open with Sam and Elaine at the bar as the two dissect Elaine’s plan to put an earpiece in Sam’s ear so that she can tell Sam what to say during her date. Sam, thinking this is a horrible idea, let’s Elaine know just that, but Elaine ignores her, all the while setting up a plant with a microphone so that she can hear Sam’s date upon arrival. Before exiting, Elaine makes sure Sam keeps drinking and even asks Ricky, the waiter, to keep the drinks coming.

During the Date

When Samantha’s date, Brian, arrives at the table, she quickly notices that not unlike her, he is wearing an earpiece, only he appears to be wearing one as a result of him actually being legally deaf. Sam is immediately flustered by this revelation, begins talking very loudly, as if Brian can’t hear her otherwise, and then quickly excuses herself to the bathroom after Elaine asks Sam if her date is Dutch via the earpiece.

In the Bathroom 

Sam goes into the bathroom to inform Elaine that her date is “deaf not Dutch.” Sam then tries to argue her way out of the date, but Elaine refuses to let her give up, using the fact that Sam is pretty damn loud as fodder for the idea that her and Brian make the perfect match. Begrudgingly, Sam returns to the date.

Back at the Date 

Sam returns to the table and tries to get to know Brian. However, the earpiece starts making funny, high-pitched noises, and Sam is getting really bothered by it. She starts hitting the side of her head, causing Brian to ask her if anything is wrong. Sam tries to move past it, but is painted into a corner by Brian, and eventually just fibs and says she was in some minor accident causing a temporary issue with her hearing.

Nevertheless, the high-pitched noises in her ear don’t stop, and eventually, after hitting her ear so many times, the earpiece falls out of Sam’s ear. Now put into an awkward position with Brian, Sam cops to her faults and let’s Brian know that she has been wiring him throughout the date. Brian is obviously taken aback, but he is so entranced by Sam’s beauty, that he is willing to let it slide.

The two then hit it off, talking to one another about their careers, taking shots and feeding each other food. As the night comes to a close, Sam mentions that she does some work for the mayor. Brian counters with the fact that he’s working on an education-based protest against the mayor’s policies. And when Sam mentions that it’s just politics to her, Brian is somewhat offended and decides to end the date abruptly. Sam despondent, bows her head and defeat–all the while, we hear Elaine on the earpiece yelling last ditch quotes in an effort to save Sam’s atrocious date.

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