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Episode 1.03 Recap: “Jim” – Sam’s Work Life

In Episode #1.03, Samantha approaches the date in a seemingly positive state of mind. When she arrives at the bar, she is greeted by a gentleman who is almost a foot shorter than her. He introduces himself as “Jim,” and proceeds to pull Samantha in very close, stating that he’s a “hugger, not a shaker.” He then hops back into his seat.

On the Date
Samantha asks Jim about his career, and Jim unveils himself to be a model. After some prodding though, we find out he’s only been modeling for 3 weeks, and that he’s only been in New York City for 4 weeks. Jim’s work history, however, does include an 8-year stint as a gym teacher’s assistant–where he was not permitted to be alone with the kids.

Ricky interrupts the two, letting Jim in on the fact that Samantha has been on several dates over the past few weeks. Jim reacts rather surprised by this news, especially when Ricky mentions that Sam had been on a date with her husband. When Ricky walks away though, Sam asks Jim to ignore everything the “silly” waiter says, and Jim agrees as he gets up to go to the bathroom. While Jim is in the bathroom, Sam and Elaine text, with Elaine explaining to Sam that it’s possible to look too good on a first date. Sam promptly manages to mess up her hair and cover up her shoulders with a jacket.

Upon Jim’s return from the john, Jim asks Samantha about some of her drinking and eating habits, while lobbing at her that she may indeed be an alcoholic. And when Sam goes in for a second piece of bread, Jim reacts coldly in dismay. Sam asks Jim how he knows so much about the human body’s ability to process empty carbs, and when Jim responds, a blast of bad breath hits Sam in the face, causing her to react vociferously. Jim then admits to getting bad breath around beautiful women.

However, Jim’s big admission is that–out of nervousness–he popped a molly while he was in the bathroom. He now appears to have the courage to propose sex to Sam, and Sam quickly denies him the opportunity and walks off–but not before the two throw a couple of loud barbs at one another.

While Jim was in the bathroom, Sam checks her voicemail to find an angry and yelling boss. Apparently, the boss needed Sam a few hours ago, and Sam was nowhere to be found. Sam seems stunned by the yelling, but seemingly ignores it while on the date.

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