Samantha in Episode 2 of First Dates

Episode 1.02 Recap: “The Doctor” – Sam Gets a Challenge

Episode 1.2, “The Doctor,” starts off with Sam and Elaine having a conversation about Sam’s newfound love for an online dating guide and its ability to lead her to a much more profound and effective dating life. But when Sam suggests that a rule in the guide asks her to avoid lying, Elaine questions whether Sam’s political inclinations can last an entire night without telling a single lie. As Sam’s date approaches the bar, Elaine tells Sam about yet another issue she’s having with dating and backdoor action.

On the Date
As Sam has a seat, her date, Rob, gets a good look her butt, and Sam immediately calls him on it. Rob, not at all taken a back but Sam’s bluntness, progresses the conversation forward, asking Sam what she does. Rob then let’s Sam know that he’s a doctor, something Sam has a very positive reaction to.

As Sam and Rob talk, Ricky comes to their drink order. Ricky immediately calls constant Sam’s constant dating out to Rob, but Sam interrupts, attempting to get a drink order. They exchange quite a few words, with Sam, again, coming off quite blunt. Rob takes a liking to it though. As a result, Rob tries to be blunt himself, and he asks Sam if she’d like to have Sex with tonight.

In her mind, Sam thinks she’d have the “best sex” of her life. But out loud, she let’s Rob know that’s way too forward. But Rob is quite convincing, letting Sam know that everything about her life suggest that she always gets what she wants, and he can tell that having Sex with him is something that Sam wants. But Sam manages to object, stating that they haven’t even gotten dinner yet, and that by the time they do, it’ll be too late for her. But Rob quickly asks Ricky what Sam always orders, he orders it, and Ricky serendipitously returns with 2 pre-made orders for the both of them.

Sam, feeling the pressure, considers giving in to her urges. But Rob then suggests that he knows Sam has “been around the block” before, and that shifts Sam’s attitude immediately. Sam gives Rob a piece of her mind, and begins to walk off. As she does, Rob fires back, which causes Sam to turn around and give him yet another piece of her mind. After thoroughly embarrassing Rob, Sam begins to walk off, when she hears a loud noise. She turns around to see that Dave, her ex-husband, has dropped a pair of dishes on the ground, as he apparently works at the restaurant. Dave quickly picks up the dishes and scurries off, but Rob stops him, and tries to confirm whether Dave still used to “hit that.”

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