Announcing: “Worst Dates!”

As you may have figured out by now, “First Dates” is going to be a bit of an exploration into the crazy experience that is online dating in New York City. But at the end of the day, “First Dates” is fiction–a story concocted by a few people with a particular point of view, experiences and a list of untold stories.

Yet what about those untold stories? Why are they told any better through fiction and in an online web series than they are told from the very people who experienced those same stories?

They’re not.

Which is why I’d like to announce “Worst Dates!” “Worst Dates” is the real-life series where real-life people, not actors playing roles, tell you about the “worst dates” they’ve ever had!

In making “First Dates,” the writers and I obviously pulled from a lot of stories that we had experienced and heard over many years of living in New York City. So as much as I’d like to say that we were just super creative in coming up with a series about online dating, the truth is that reality was our inspiration.

So we’re bringing that reality to our platform in hopes that hearing real people tell their stories, it will allow us all to laugh just a little bit more about this thing we call love. Sure, when we make fun of dating life in “First Dates,” it’s light-hearted and pokes fun at the inanity that is strangers meeting up for dinner or drinks. But when it comes directly from the person’s mouth, we hope that it will mean just a little bit more when you see someone telling their story, no matter how ridiculous, crazy or sad, it may be.

So expect to see everything in “Worst Dates.” From purely comical stories about dates gone awry, to truly sad stories about life-altering occurrences that saw relationships fall apart over dinner. Hopefully, pairing “First Dates” with “Worst Dates” will allow our viewers to see the crazy moments we never actually get to see, while also finding out that truth can often be stranger than fiction.

“Worst Dates” episodes will begin in June. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are among the first to see new episodes! And if you want to tell your dating story to us, send an email to worstdates [at] and we’ll put you in the series!

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