“First Dates” Season 2 Crowdfunding Campaign!

OUR CAMPAIGN First Dates is a web series about the trials, tribulations and troubles of online dating. The show launched in July 2015, and received over 130k views across its 10 episodes. It went on to be featured at the Miami Webfest, Hollyweb Festival, Brooklyn Web Festival and the American Black Film Festival. Now, as […]

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First Dates in American Black Film Festival

We’re Going to Miami!

First Dates is an Official Selection of the American Black Film Festival Well, folks…this is the cherry on top of what was a very fun first full season of First Dates. After being a part of the Miami Webfest, the Hollyweb Fest, and the first ever Brooklyn Webfest, we are proud to announce that we’ve made it into […]

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Hollyweb Festival Official Selection

HollyWeb Fest, Here We Come!

Hey folks! Sadly, it has been a long time since you’ve heard from us, but I promise, that is about to change. Especially since our latest good news means you will be seeing us in an LA theater near you! That’s right, “First Dates” is now an official selection of the 2016 HollyWeb Festival in Los […]

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Episode 1 Recap - First Dates

Season Finale Update!

Some of you may be wondering…”where in the heck is the season finale!” Well, rest assure, we have you covered! The season #1 finale of First Dates will be uploaded and streaming this Wednesday, October 21st. So what’s the reason for the delay? There is none. We just wanted to build up some suspense in the […]

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Brooklyn Web Fest Official Selection of First Dates Web Series

Hello, Brooklyn…Webest, Props to Shana!

Well, with great work comes great honor. First Dates is an “Official Selection” of the Brooklyn Webfest! That means we will be a part of the realist borough’s inaugural webfest, with a chance to show our web series to an entirely new audience. More on the Brooklyn Webfest! BKWF is an annual web series festival and content creator […]

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YouTube Analytics Graphs

UpDates: Midway Through, Some Web Series Facts

So here we are. We’ve released the first 5 episodes of First Dates, meaning that we are halfway through the first season of our first web series. While I still owe plenty more behind-the-scenes details about the writing of the series, casting the series, producing the shows, marketing the show and working with all of the wonderful people […]

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Planking on the NYC Subway

Labor Day Break, Halfway Mark & Let’s Chat!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is or has enjoyed the holiday weekend. It is a beautiful one out here in New York City, and I hope across the country, as most people take a break from labor this Monday, every one of you got a chance to enjoy some fun in the sun, as well. […]

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First Dates - Angela Wildflower & Mark Gauthier

Episode 1.05 Recap: “Martin”

Entering Episode #1.05, Sam is already on the verge of life-long singlehood, as her last two dates have ended in epic fashion. Before the Date  Just as Sam is about to get started with her date, she gets a call from work insisting that she get to the office. This is the third time Sam’s dating […]

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Web Series List: People Changing the Game

The web series is changing the game. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu can say they came to their realizations that making original content available directly on the web was one made of their own corporate decisioning skills, but truth be told, none of them was out here putting out exclusive, web-native content before the likes of […]

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First Dates Angela Wildflower Shana Solomon Black Oak TV

Episode 1.04 Recap: “Brian” – Deafening Morals

Going into Episode #1.04, Sam has already tried a few different things. She’s tried embracing a foot fettishing individual. She’s tried being as honest as possible on a first date. She’s tried going out with a strip club owner. And she’s tried dating less than average/her height men. In Episode #1.04, Sam tries something else […]

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