First Dates Web Series Season 1 Finale

“Frank” – Episode #1.10

5 years ago 642412 0

In the Season #1 finale of First Dates, Samantha goes on a date with someone of an ilk she was not expecting. Meanwhile, she also has an interesting text message exchange with a date from the past. Additionally, Samantha gets an update on the status of her health. Subscribe to /FirstDatesTV: Follow us on Twitter: […]

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First Dates Episode #1.09 Dr. Chris

“Chris” – Episode #1.09

5 years ago 437012 0

This week Samantha goes on a date with yet another doctor. This time, Dr. Chris seems a lot less aggressive than the last doctor she went on a date with. But even as the Doctor tries his best to come off as a good dude, Samantha may have her mind on other things. Subscribe to […]

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First Dates Episode 8 Angela Wildflower Justin Sams

“Ted & Blair” – Episode #1.08

5 years ago 537933 0

Sam (Angela Wildflower Polk) apparently has decided to start picking up the pace. Let’s check her out as she goes on back-to-back dates with 2 dudes–one of which appears to be in the running for not being the worst person in the world. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite ex-husband, Dave (Andre Columbus), shows us how the fruits […]

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First Dates - Web Series - The Pilot - Episode 1

“The Pilot” – Episode #1.01

5 years ago 1337332 0

In “The Pilot” episode of “First Dates,” meet Samantha. She’s a political consultant with a sharp tongue, and the IQ to match it. She and her friends know how to have a good time, and they don’t shy away from sharing their opinions. Her best friend, Elaine, doesn’t shy away from anything, including lewd sex talk […]

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